The Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration (IPA) was established in 2000 as part of administrative reform in the context of forthcoming EU accession. Therefore the original name was Institute of Public Administration and European Integration (IPAEI). During Bulgarian negotiation process IPA played an important role in public administration training and preparation for the EU membership. In 2007 it was renamed toInstitute of Public Administration (IPA).

The Institute has a status of an Executive Agency under the government - Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. The key legal acts for its creation and functioning are Civil Servants Act and 82 Decree of the Council of Ministers.



The mission of the Institute is focused on increasing the professional skills and qualifications of civil servants through trainings in order to develop a modern, effective and citizen-oriented system of public administration, capable to work in the conditions of real EU membership.




IPA is a leader in the training of the public administration through modern training's technologies, programes and methods. The clients of the Institute value the high quality of the offerred services.



STRATEGIC AIMS (2016-2020)