IPA offers training programs in two core streams: Compulsory Training - for Career Development, and Specialized Training - for Professional Development. The Bulgarian civil servants have a great interest in IPA’s trainings. Annually, IPA is implementing more than 500 training courses in which roughly 10 000-12 000 public administration’ employees are trained.

Compulsory Training (orientation to civil service/management positions) aims to equip civil servants with the common administrative skills and leadership knowledge required for effective performance in the public service. This training is split into 2 core training programmes:

Specialized Training (for professional development) includes a variety of specialized programs and courses across different fields and topics of interest for public officials such as: Management of Public Administration, Public Policies, Legislation and its implementation, EU Structural and Investment Funds, E-governance and Information Technology, Regional and Local Governance, Foreign Language Training.

Alongside to the face-to-face trainings IPA offers and e-courses which can have different forms according to the trainee's needs - for example online self-training modules, online trainings with lecturers, virtual class rooms etc.

For all the IPA's courses e-certificates are given when the trainees have met all the requirements. The e-certificates are automatically generated in the trainee's profile in the IPA's information system.


In addition to the training programs and courses, IPA organizes different forums, conferences, professional annual meeting and annual competitions on topical issues of public administration.


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