Partnerships for sustainable results

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) works continuously to deepen the level of cooperation with similar prestigious institutions across Europe, providing the opportunity to exchange experiences and build collective knowledge of the best European practices in the field of training for public administration, working towards a common, high standard in the EU.

 IPA works in a close partnership with the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria and with the National Body of Operational Program “Good Governance in Public Administration”, funded by the European Structural Funds. IPA is part of a network formed by directors and presidents of central training schools and institutes of public administration in the Member States of the European Union (DISPA).

European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

To this end, IPA has signed intergovernmental agreements with institutes across Europe, including the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht, the Netherlands to share useful experience, research and best practices developed by the EIPA. In 2014, IPA, in partnership with EIPA, established a national center for training and consultation on the introduction of the European model of quality management (CAF - European common framework for self-assessment) in central and municipal administrations. IPA facilitates the participation of Bulgarian best practices in EIPAs European Public Sector Awards for innovations in field of public policy and administration.


École nationale d'administration (ENA), France

IPA is also cooperating with the National School of Public Administration of France (ENA). On March 28th 2014, the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) and the French National School of Administration (ENA) signed an official Memorandum of Cooperation at the Council of Ministers. It aims to develop inter-institutional partnership between the two countries, including the joint training of officials from the Bulgarian administration, exchanging of experience and organizing internships for Bulgarian civil servants in public institutions and agencies in France.

The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe

NISPAcee is an international think-thank based in Bratislava, Slovakia. In May 2019 IPA re-joined NISPAcee with the goal of establishing and further developing its cooperation with public administration and public policy institutions in region of Central and Eastern Europe.


Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The collaboration between IPA and IICT is directed towards improving the e-government modernization of the Bulgaria public administration.

In 2018 IPA and IICT (BAS) co-wrote an analytical report entitled “Cybersecurity and possibility of applying innovative technologies in the Bulgarian public administration”. The institutes organized two IT Leader academies.

Institute for the State and the Law – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

IPA and the Institute for the State and the Law (BAS) have signed an agreement for granting scientific expertise for the practical implementation of the regulatory reform in Bulgaria.

In 2018 in cooperation with the department of “Public Administration” (Sofia University), Institute for the State and the Law (BAS), The Center for Hebrew Studies (Sofia University) and a working group for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) IPA held a seminar entitled “Human rights policies and the Holocaust, Bulgaria’s membership in IHRA”.


Public Procurement Agency (PPA)

The cooperation agreement between IPA and PPA establishes the development and application of training programs, courses, etc. in the field of public procurement.

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

The agreement between IPA and Sofia University encompasses the development and application of post-graduate training programs, PA trainings and courses, seminars, conferences, work groups and other training forums in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2019 IPA and Sofia University re-started the post-graduate “Academy for European structural and investment funds (ESIF)”, which was held between the months of January and July. The ESIF Academy is a program developed in several distinct parts and is organized by IPA, the Jaspers initiative, the EU Commission and Sofia University.

In addition, IPA and Sofia University created the post-graduate Impact Assessment (IAs) program.