Erasmus for Public Administration

Erasmus for Public Administration is a short study visit in Brussels, organized from The European School of Administration(EUSA). The programme is for young civil servants from all member states whose work involve EU questions, but their professional experience in European affairs should be less than 5 years. The participants have the opportunity to learn more about the EU decision-making processes and the way the institutions function.

This 10-day long study programme is composed of conferences, training seminars, visits to the institutions in Brussels, 1-day visits to Luxembourg and Strasbourg and includes 2 days of "job shadowing" in an institution of the participant's choice. During that period the participants have the opportunity to work with mentor who presents to them the work of the department and introduces them to the team.

The Institute for Public Administration is national coordinator for the programme and works in cooperation with EUSA and Permanent Representation of Bulgaria. The programme is organized in three sessions per year and the quota for Bulgaria is 4 participants.

The Young Leaders' Program

The Young Leaders' Program (YLP) is a full scholarship program, organized by the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo, Japan. It’s one-year master’s program conducted in English. Students who complete the course are awarded a Master’s Degree in policy science.  Applicants should have at least 3 years of full-time work experience (preferably 5 years or more) in public administration. Also they should be under 40 years old and should hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized/accredited university or college, and have achieved excellent academic performance.

The recruitment of applicants and nomination of candidates to the Embassy of Japan are conducted by The Institute of Public administration. The process of recruitment and nomination are as follows:

The quota for Bulgaria is 1-2 students for each year.


“Synergia” Project is an international training for high level officials on managerial positions (secretaries general, directors of departments, etc.), nominated by their institutions, ready to participate actively in all modules of the programme and selected by IPA on the basis of the Project’s criteria and requirements. Its main goal is to enrich the participants’ leadership knowledge and skills, to exchange practical experience among high level civil servants from Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia and international trainers, and to develop common recommendations for good governance in public administration.

The IPA project team selects Bulgarian staff to participate in the program (based on the required criteria and review of submitted documents) by notifying them and sending a list of approved Bulgarian staff to the Polish project team.

The International Program for Senior Civil Servants is implemented in the period 2020 - 2022 and a total of 4 editions are planned for the entire period. In 2020, the first pilot edition of the program was launched.

The program discusses and analyzes current topics, issues and practices in the following areas of public administration: Contemporary challenges for public administration, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Knowledge Management, Communication Management and Effective Negotiations, Project and Process Management, Change Management, Risk Management, Technology Management, Digital Services, Cybersecurity and more. The training in the program is entirely practical – the training sessions are based on the discussion of a number of practical cases, discussions, exchange of experiences and presentations (see more here).

The training program is modular as the individual modules (within 3 days) are organized consecutively in different periods in the respective countries – Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia. Each employee must participate in all modules in order to be certified to participate in the entire program.

Lecturers in the program are high-level experts, consultants and professors teaching in prestigious institutions, universities and business schools in Europe and the United States. Information about them can be found here.