The Institute of Public administration presents it’s fourth annual study of the engagement of public sector employees. The “Barometer of engagement” national survey presents an evaluation tool which uses employees’ opinions on key aspects in the administration, including: leadership, teamwork, engagement, self-fulfillment, motivation etc. For the purposes of this study is being used Britain’s model “The Civil Service People Survey”, acclaimed over the last decade.

The study was conducted by IPA between 13-27th of June 2022, with a participation of 8610 employees in the public sector – 38.8% more than last year.This year’s survey reports a decrease in the overall engagement index – 73 to 76 in 2021. Separate indexes show minor decline in data, which equals the survey results from 2020. The only contrasting negative data is the one about employees’ wages. In context of inflation’s growth rate, satisfaction of the otherwise increased salaries (in 2020 and 2021) has returned to the level it stood at 2019 – suffering a decrease of 11 points down the scale.This year also, “Leadership and change management” remains the key factor for the employee engagement rate in Bulgaria’s public administration. Regardless the pressure induced negative global impact on administration during the last four years, opinions on this factor stay consistent. The “Leadership” Barometer index, equaling 73, is 15 points above Britain’s index of the same matter (58).Along with “My work” and “My team”, these three form the most influential aspects on employee engagement. The “My work” index is running three points behind the British one (79) and the “My team” index is five points behind (84 in the British index). Bulgaria’s public sector still has room for improvement in the fields of teamwork and conflict management.For a third consecutive year the Barometer includes a section on remote work. It was first introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and still remains as a monitor for the ever changing tendencies regarding the workplace.One new addition to the survey’s latest version is the Wellbeing index (PERMA). Introduction of tools for periodic assessment and identification of stress in the workplace, as well as the active search for opportunities to improve the work-life balance of employees, should be among the priorities for the development of human resources in administration.

Engagement Barometer's Results 2022