The Institute of Public Administration of Bulgaria (hereafter IPA) is a national state institution under the governance of the Council of Ministers, responsible for strengthening the administrative capacity and improving the performance of the Bulgarian public administration. Through research, trainings and sharing of good practices IPA aims to increase the professional competencies of civil servants, to contribute to their career development.



Conducting training and research for the development of a professional civil service, as well as strengthening the capacity of institutions to meet the challenges of modern public policies.



The IPA is a leader in the training of public administration using modern technologies, methods and training programs, and customers of the Institute appreciate the quality of conducted services.


Strategic objectives (2016-2020):

• To modernize the introductory training for new civil servants by implementing flexible and effective forms of learning.

• To increase customer satisfaction with the quality of training.

• To strengthen research and analysis as an integral part of the Institute's work in support of good governance and modernization of the administration.

• To expand the dissemination of good practices and consultancy to improve the management.

• To participate in the implementation of regional initiatives for the modernization of public administration.

• To establish itself as a leading center in terms of standards of training services for employees in state administration provided by other state institutions.