The Management of the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), assisted by representatives of the Coordinating Unit of GD “Regional Policy” of the European Commission and the Administration of the Council of Ministers, negotiated advisory support from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to develop a training programme on public procurement. The project “Support for development and implementation of a training programme and development of public procurement in Bulgaria in the context of the Action Plan on the Ex-ante conditionalities of ESIF” was launched at the beginning of 2016 and completed in February 2017. It is entirely financed by the budget of the European Commission.

The project focuses on three main target groups: The Managing Authorities (MA) of the Operational Programmes (including the Certifying Authority and Audit Authorities), PPA and beneficiaries under Operational Programmes.

A training program was developed within the project, covering the following topics: contract irregularities leading to financial corrections; procurement planning and market analysis; strengthening of ex-ante control; how to identify conflicts of interest; ex-post control; leadership and tools; completing ESPD, posting notices and tendering; technical specifications; selection and award criteria; contract award; contract management; contract irregularities leading to financial corrections. In the implementation of the project activities, training of trainers was conducted with the participation of experts from the identified target groups, as well as two pilot trainings.

Together with all stakeholders, the OECD has developed a programme and training plan, which provides that within three years period IPA in cooperation with PPA to train 1000 employees from the identified target groups.