Project BG05SFOP001-2.017-0001 / 28.11.2019 "Digital transformation in training – digital competence and learning" has a total duration of 29 months (1.08.2019 - 31.12.2021) and a budget of 4,733,208.34 BGN, 100% of which is a grant under the Operational Program "Good Governance". The grant is in the following ratio: 85% (BGN 4,023,227.09) from the European Social Fund and 15% (BGN 709,981.25) national co-financing.

Main goal of the project is to provide professional and expert governance by improving the knowledge, skills and qualifications of civil servants. In addition, the project aims to digitalize the processes in IPA to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the training and increase the research and analytical capacity of the Institute. In the course of the implementation of the set activities we also have planned to conduct a study for the level of digital competence of the civil servants, to organize trainings, academies, forums, conferences, competitions and to develop courses on current topics related to the development of competences of the employees.

Main activities:

The digitalization of the training activity of IPA – modernization and optimization of the processes of the Institute, supported by technological update and information security.

Training for civil servants, including for development of digital competence and wider application of digital forms of learning – identified level of digital competence, developed program for development of digital competence, including structure, levels, target groups and others, development and updating of courses, trainings for over 40,000 employees of the administration, conducting academies, competitions for good practices, forums, development of IPA capacity to increase research and information and documentation center.

Development of the capacity of IPA for increasing the research activity and of the Information and Documentation Center – 5 analyzes developed and implemented, supporting the development of the state administration, enriched and upgraded e-library of IPA with resources, printed in 500 copies and translated into English language 5 analyzes, purchased 75 books, purchased 3 subscriptions to established scientific journals.


Project "Digital transformation in training - digital competence and learning",

funded under Operational Programme “Good Governance”, co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund.